When Kim told me she was taking a class in chocolate-making, I knew something good would happen. Now a master chocolatier, Kim has created wonderful combinations of taste and texture. You can taste the fresh cream, sea salt, and yes, quality chocolate in her truffles, toffees, caramels. The fresh ingredients, many of them from Maine, are really what sets the Savour chocolates apart!

Cecile Ferguson, Veazie, Maine

I love chocolate, but it has to be delectable for me to give it as a present to my friends and family. How surprised I was to discover Savour Chocolatier. It is hard to say which one is my favorite. It happens to be the one I'm tasting at the moment. The flavor of Savour chocolates has clarity of each ingredient and the chocolate is fresh. The texture has a wonderful bite, not waxy like other chocolates

Elizabeth Coyne, Bangor, Maine

Savour Chocolatier is the best chocolate I've ever eaten. As a chocolate lover I really like dark chocolate, and Kim's Maine Sea Salt Caramels ar superb. Also, her different toffees and brittles are a chocolate lovers dream

Candace Jordan, Old Town, Maine

I often like to show my friends and family that I am thinking of them. Savour Chocolatier chocolates as my 'thinking of you' gift has been extremely-well received!

Marion Gray, Old Town, Maine

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed every piece of your chocolates. I am such a chocolate lover, good chocolate that is. They were the best chocolates I have ever eaten, and that is a lot!

Dorain Foster, Hampden, Maine

About Savour Chocolatier

At Savour Chocolatier we take pride in making exceptional quality artisan chocolates and confections. Our truffles, caramels, brittles, toffees and chocolates are made using premium Belgian and Swiss chocolates, natural ingredients and no added preservatives. All of our creations are handcrafted in small-batches by a professional chocolatier to provide you with the finest, freshest chocolates available. Discover the incredible taste of fine quality, handmade chocolates - Savour the difference!

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Kimberly Dagher, Owner
(207) 907-6529

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